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Mirage's Joy Comes In The Morning
"  Joy"
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Gray & White   Female   Parti-Eyed
DOB - August 10, 2014
Owned By
Melissa Long & Elizabeth Chism
Bred By
Elizabeth Chism

Eyes - SH-EYE1042/16F-VPI (11-18)

Hips - SH-19594G31F-VPI

CHIC - 120145


* Highlights*

*Claremore, OK 2015 WB/BOW/BOS over a special 2pts!!*

**BOB Puppy 2015 Claremore Kennel Club**

2015 Central Wyoming Kennel Club

**Best Puppy in Show**

**WB/BOS 2015 Laramie Kennel Club 1 pt!!**

**WB/BOW/BOS 2015 Laramie Kennel Club 1 pt!!**

**WB/BOW 2015 Pocatello Kennel Club**

**3 pt Major!!**

**WB/BOW 2016 Ft. Worth Kennel Club**

**3 pt Major!!**

**WB/BOW/BOBOH/OH 2016 Group 3**

Central Wyoming Kennel Club

**5 pt Major!!**


Joy completed her CH with 3 majors in limited showing, and finished her Grand Championship with a 5 point BOB win in a lovely lineup of specials!

*  Ash  X   Joy *


CloudPeak's Crazy Horse


CloudPeak's Primrose

*  Ren  X   Joy *

About Joy

Joy is a very special little girl to us, and we can't wait to see how she does in the future!  As a baby she hit the ground running in her first few weekends out, Taking Best of Opposite over a Special for her first two points! 

The next two weekends led her to a Best Puppy In Show, a few more singles, and a major win from the 6-9 month puppy class!

After taking some time off to mature, and grow in some new coat, she finished easily with two more major wins, and an Owner Handler Group 3!  We couldn't be more thrilled with all that she has accomplished.
Joy has a beautiful balanced sidegait, with a clean down and back.  We wish her mom Melissa a wonderful time with her, and hope she brings her "joy" for many years to come!

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