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Mirage's El Deseo De Mi Corazon
"  Guillermo"

Gray & White   Male   Bi-Eyed
February 15, 2014 - December 24, 2017
Owned By
Elizabeth Chism
Bred By
Elizabeth Chism

Eyes - SH-EYE1119/22M-VPI 

SHOR S-11975/17-34
Hips - SH-19195E24M-VPI (Excellent)

CHIC - 111927

Bubbles-Wallpaper-22 copy.png
Guillermo Glenrose 2016.jpg

* Highlights*

*BIS 4-6 month Puppy Longview, TX Show! 2014*

*WD/BOW Ft. Worth KC, Ft. Worth, TX 3/21/15*

4 pt major!!!

*WD Shreveport KC, Shreveport, LA 4/17/15*

3 pt Major!!!

*WD/BOW/BOS over a special Northlake KC of Greater Covington, Biloxi, MS 4/29/15, 4/31/15*

2 pts!!!


*Select KC of Texarkana, Texarkana, AR 6/14/15*

4 pt GCH Major!!!

*Select Texas KC, Dallas, TX 7/5/15*

4 pt GCH Major Win over specials!!!

Guillermo finished his CH and GCH with ease and limited Showing. 

About Guillermo

Guillermo has a unique name we know!  He was born just after Valentines and since his sire was from Spain we opted for a Spanish Love theme.  My father visited a few weeks later, and started giving silly Spanish names to the puppies.  He was insistant that he be named Guillermo as it meant William or Billy and that was his name!  The puppy should be named after him!  A week later my father passed and Guillermo carries his name in honor of his passing.  
El Deseo De Mi Corazón (Desire of My Heart)

Guillermo has been a Joy to show and has turned out to be more than we could have hoped for. 

We dearly miss this special boy who was taken from us way to soon.  We will hold you in our hearts until we see you again.  You took a piece of our hearts when you left.

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