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Gabrielle Star
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Black & White   Female  

Brown Eyes
December 20, 2004 - February 23, 2021
Owned By
Elizabeth & Jason Chism

About Gabby

What Can I say about this beautiful, smart, stubborn girl?  We couldn't have been less prepared to have brought a siberian into our lives, but we would never look back. My husband and I woke up the day after we got married and decided we would have a siberian.  We didn't know anything about buying from a reputable breeder, but we found Gabby and picked her up just a week later.  We almost lost her due to illness only a week after that.  Thankfully she fought through and became the beginning of this new chapter in our lives.  She was extremely smart and learned everything we taught her quickly.  Of course in true siberian style she would choose to do it when she wanted. She was a spitfire running laps around our house, dashing out of doors, jumping over furniture landing on our coffee table.  We immediately realized the benefit of obedience training, so off to class we went.  Not to long after we knew she needed a companion and got our second Siberian Lucas.  We dabbled in a bit of agility with him, but we knew after one class Gabby would never be an agility dog. She was to independent and wanted to do her own thing. Through the obedience and agility classes we learned about conformation and dog shows. We showed Gabby at some UKC Shows and earned a UKC Conformation Championship on her.  Because of her we decided to pursue conformation dog shows. Eventually we decided to do a bit of rally with her in her old age.  She did well, but in true siberian spirit the 3rd or 4th time we asked her to sit we would be begging, because why sit for the 3rd or 4th time in a row!?  She taught us so much during the 16 years of her life, and while she had a long and full life with us it would never be enough.  You left to soon and we will miss you always. 

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