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About  Us

We have been involved with some fun activities with our Siberians including a bit of agility and obedience, but most of our time is currently spent with conformation.  While we enjoy all of these activities conformation is our first love. We have had a fantastic ride with our dogs learning about the breed, and we continue to learn more at every turn! From our first siberian, to our first show dog, until now, every one of them has left their mark on our lives.

Grand Champion
Majestique's It's A Dangerous Game
As you can see we enjoy traveling to all the different venues to show, and the dogs enjoy it as well!  The tough life of a show dog!
GCH Lucy

Throughout our experiences over the years with our dogs, we learned how important it was to learn about the breed, the importance of health testing, and purchasing from a reputable breeder.   We strive to embody the standard of the breed in our dogs, and to produce that in future generations.

One of our Babies watching our local softball Game!
CH Carli

We encourage you to get involved in an activity with your own dog no matter what the breed!  We are so grateful for the fullness our dogs have brought into our lives.  They will always have us captivated with their unique personalities, and of course kisses!  We are very proud of all of their accomplishments so far, and hope they continue to wow us in the future.

GCH Rusty, CH Carli, and baby AM GCHB/CAN BISS CH Wicked
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